A Conservative "Daily Show"?

I missed this story Friday about Fox’s pilot for a conservative version of “The Daily Show” with Laura Ingraham as the host. From the report at TV Newser it sounds like the pilot might never see the light of day. Even if this one is not going to fly, I hope the idea won’t be scrapped entirely.

I had the same idea after Dennis Miller’s show on CNBC was cancelled. I thought he would be the perfect host for such a venture. In May of 2005 I wrote this:

I would love to see Miller’s show resurrected on another channel – one with a better chance of pulling a larger audience. CNN and Fox News would be smart to court him, but I think a fun place for Dennis Miller’s show would be Comedy Central. It would make for an excellent balance to The Daily Show, although Miller’s show is probably far too smart and covers too many serious issues for the comedy channel.

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