Time to break out Olaf's Troll-Hammer?

Of late, we here at Wizbang have been attracting our share of detractors. Some are trolls, some are sincere critics, and some are just schmucks. (These are not mutually exclusive categories. Mak, for example, fits the first and third category quite nicely.) It’s one of the things I value most about the way things are done around here — the constant challenge forces me to re-evaluate my own positions on occasion, changing my opinion when I’ve been mistaken some times, re-enforcing my beliefs on others.

But one of their tactics is starting to get on my nerves a bit.

Sometimes, a new story or opinion piece will come out that somebody will consider absolutely devastating to one of our positions here at Wizbang. (This is usually on the war in Iraq, which I believe we all support.) They will post a link, an excerpt, or even the entire piece not on a relevant posting, but on whichever one happens to be at the top of the page.

Now, there really is no call for this. We tend to discuss the war in Iraq (and, by extension, the War On Terror) on a fairly regular basis. We even have specific categories for War On Terror and Iraq.

Now, I don’t think I’m asking too much that these folks stick their pieces into the comments of a relevant piece? If there isn’t a piece on the war on the front page, there will be soon. It’s, quite frankly, rude to try to hijack whatever piece happens to be at or near the top of the page for your own agenda.

WIth that in mind, I have been considering a few actions to attempt to discourage such behavior. I haven’t come to any decisions, but I thought it might be useful to toss out a few ideas I’ve had to deal with this:

1) Replace the text with “I eat boogers” or some other insulting phrase.

B) Delete it entirely.

III) Ignore it.

d) Replace the text with “BLOOD FOR ODIN!”

Now, this isn’t a democracy. I’m not going to do whatever the most people say. In fact, I’m not going to do anything without kicking it around with Kevin and the rest of the crew who post here on the main page. But I would like to hear what you folks have to say.

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