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Bush’s approval rating is up 4 points. (to 44%) Only 7 more points before the moonbats go into complete meltdown.

TV Producer Aaron Spelling has died at age 83.

The Duke “Rape” case continues to crumble.

Police Report: Accuser in Duke Rape Case Initially Said 5 Men Attacked Her

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – A woman who accused three Duke University lacrosse players of rape initially told police she was attacked by five men at a team party and at one point denied she had been raped, according to a police report released Friday by a defense attorney.

Authorities said previously in affidavits that the accuser reported she was raped by three men at a March 13 lacrosse team party where she and another woman were hired to perform as exotic dancers.

At this point, Mike Nifong better have a very large rabbit in his hat.

George Bush beat John Kerry – Again.

Kerry: Iraq vote was ‘dramatic step forward’

WASHINGTON — After the Senate overwhelmingly rejected Sen. John Kerry’s plan yesterday to bring American troops home from Iraq, the Massachusetts Democrat called the vote a “dramatic step forward” in correcting the president’s failed war policy.

No Senator, it was a “dramatic step forward” for Karl Rove outting you and your pals for being the retreat and defeatest you are.

The New York Times ran an editorial that was complete hyperbolic balderdash. The title is, Following the Money, and the Rules but nowhere in the editorial do they accuse the Bush administration of breaking any rules. Only the last paragraph gives the piece any redemption.

A gay British couple had been arrested for abusing young foster children put in their care. Within months of being approved to have foser chilren they got busted for taking naked pictures of the young boys, showing them gay porn and assorted other sexual abuse. I’m shocked.

And on a humorous note, our pal Saddam Hussein ended his hunger strike after missing a single meal. Did you expect anything less?

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