Seven Terror Suspects Arrested in Miami

Seven people were arrested in Miami for plotting to attack the Sears Tower in Chicago.

After an operation that started about four months ago, the FBI has arrested several suspects of domestic terrorism in a Miami low-income housing project.

The arrests took place Thursday afternoon at the Scott Housing Projects in the area of NW 68th street and 15th Avenue. Miami Police officers were seen in the area securing a perimeter for the FBI to carry out their arrests.

Sources tell CBS4 News it is unclear whether weapons or bomb-making materials were found, but those detained are suspected of being involved in planning terrorist activity.

Neighbors say suspicious activity had been observed at the home recently.

This is a developing story and agents have flooded the area.

According to Fox News Channel, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will have a press conference tomorrow morning at 10:30am.

From ABC News:

ABC News has learned that federal agents, including the FBI, are launching a series of raids tonight targeting a suspected terror cell based in Miami.

According to sources familiar with the investigation, the group allegedly planned to bomb the FBI building in Miami and the Sears Tower in Chicago.

The group has been under surveillance for some time and was infiltrated by a government informant who allegedly led them to believe he was an Islamic radical. The suspects are described as African Americans and at least one man of Caribbean descent.

Sources say the arrests reflect the government’s concern about so-called “homegrown terrorists.” It’s a threat FBI Director Robert Mueller discussed during a recent speech in New York.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the FBI are expected to hold a press conference about the arrests Friday morning.

Hat tip: Hot Air

Update: According to the AP, these homegrown terrorists have “given their lives to Allah”:

Residents living near the warehouse said the men taken into custody described themselves as Mulims and had tried to recruit young people to join their group, which seemed militaristic.

The residents said FBI agents spent several hours in the neighborhood showing photos of the suspects and seeking information. They said the men had lived in the area about a year.

The men slept in the warehouse, said Tashawn Rose, 29. “They would come out late at night and exercise. It seemed like a military boot camp that they were working on there. They would come out and stand guard.”

She talked to one of the men about a month ago: “They seemed brainwashed. They said they had given their lives to Allah.”

Rose said the men tried to recruit her younger brother and nephew for a karate class.

“It was weird,” she said.

Update II: Ed Morrissey was watching FBI Director Robert Mueller on Larry King when the news broke.

Update III: More from Reuters:

The FBI arrested seven people in the past two days suspected of planning attacks on FBI offices and a federal building in Miami and the Sears Tower in Chicago, a law enforcement source said on Thursday.

The source, elaborating on a statement on the operation from Florida authorities, said the suspects had thought they were dealing with the international al Qaeda group but had been infiltrated by a U.S. government informant.

“In the past couple of days, the U.S. government has taken into custody seven people who were conspiring to conduct jihad (holy war) in the United States,” the law enforcement source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“They thought they were dealing with al Qaeda,” the source said, adding the suspects had been trying to buy weapons and other things needed to carry out attacks.

The source said the government had an informant with whom the suspected conspirators had discussed their plans. “There was no immediate threat because we were in on the discussions.” the source said.

Update IV: Dan Riehl has the satelite photos of the warehouse that was raided.

Update V: Allahpundit has the Kossack and DU reaction, which is quickly spiraling into a lot of wacked-out moonbattiness.

Update VI: The Sears Tower has released a statement.

Update VII: CNN reports that these suspects are al Qaeda wannabes In fact, one of the suspects took an al Qaeda oath:

Law enforcement sources told CNN that some of the suspects are members of a radical African-American Muslim group and that at least one had taken “an al Qaeda oath.” They had carried out surveillance on the Sears Tower and FBI building in Miami, the sources said.

Update: VIII: Michelle Malkin notes the trend in the black jihadi movement.

Update IX: The Miami Herald reports that 15-20 men were involved.

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