Losing A Friend I Never Met

When I checked my email tonight I found the following message (which I have edited for privacy):

I just wanted to let my father’s email list know that he passed away from a heart attack last evening…In lieu of flowers, he would have loved to see churches built. We are asking that donations be made in his memory to the building funds of either Liberty Baptist Church in Newport News, VA or Bethel Baptist Church in Tabb, VA.

We will not be responding to emails to this email box. Thank you for your prayers.The man who passed away was a reader who emailed from time to time with tips on news articles and other helpful information. When my daughter had surgery he emailed to let me know that he said a prayer for her. When I came to Wizbang he emailed to let me know that he made his first visit to the site and liked what he saw. When I read his daughter’s email I said a prayer for her and I cried for a man I did not know. At least I did not know him personally. I knew him the way I know so many other readers who have reached out and become my “blog buddies.” Blogging has opened up a whole new world to me — a world full of like-minded people all over the globe. There have been some not so like-minded, but fair-minded, people that I have corresponded with as well, and I am better for it. Thanks to all of you who have made my life richer. You know who you are.

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