AP Shows True Colors

The AP let their bias show by running this picture of the Vice President accompanying a story about his speech today.

Vice President Dick Cheney makes remarks at the Gerald R. Ford Journalism Prize luncheon sponsored by then National Press Club, Monday, June 19, 2006, in Washington. (AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)

The photo editor who ran this should be reprimanded. During Clinton’s second election, I was assigned to take pictures of Al Gore when he came to town doing his stump speech. I got a shot of him sniffling or something -I’m not real sure- but his whole face was contorted and he looked like an idiot.

We printed an 8×10 in the darkroom and offered to make copies for all the liberals in the newsroom. It provided us hours of laughter. (even the libs got a chuckle or two) Did I run it? No. Did I ask the managing editor if I could run it? Sure… And he got the joke.

Why we didn’t run it is obvious. Photographers routinely get unflattering pictures of famous people. That’s what happens when you freeze time unnaturally. It is unethical to run them. — At least not in a straight new story. A few days ago there was unflattering picture of Whitehouse communications director Tony Snow. I not only didn’t mind the media running it, I highlighted it prominently.

The difference between the two is why we have photo editors. In the Snow case, the absurdity of the picture was the whole point. Even if Snow came off the butt of a few jokes, it was obvious he was in an unrealistic situation and the photo had a certain novelty that made it news.

This picture of Cheney has no such redeeming values. Of the dozens of pictures the photographer took, the the photo editor SPECIFICALLY picked one that would make Cheney look bad. That is both unethical and disrespectful.

I doubt anything will be done. It’s just another example of the media doing anything they can do to make the administration look bad. They keep telling us there’s no liberal bias in the media. And who are you going to believe, them or your lying eyes?

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