…And we're supposed to take them seriously?

As the fall elections draw nearer, we see the Democrats are scrambling to win public acceptance. Their latest position paper very, very carefully omits any mention of the war in Iraq, as they apparently think it is “too divisive.”

The truth is, they know that the issue is pretty much a guaranteed loser for them. Not because the American people are solidly behind it, but their leading spokesperson on the issue are such idiots.

First up, we have John Murtha. When he’s not convicting other Marines of “cold-blooded murder” before the Corps even completes its investigation, he’s trying to convince folks that the best way to avoid disaster in Iraq would be to emulate that stunning Clinton-era foreign policy triumph in Somalia. (Can someone send him a copy of “Blackhawk Down?”) (Thanks to Rob of Say Anything for the tip.)

Next, we have the Democratic presidential nominee from 2004, Senator John Forbes Heinz “live-shot” Kerry. Kerry has his own plan for the rebuilding of Iraq. He thinks that we should allow Iraq’s neighbors to have a greater say in that nation’s future. But one rather strongly interested party is left out of Kerry’s plan. So while terrorist nations Iran and Syria would hold some sway over Iraq’s future, the nascent Iraqi government is shut out.

THESE are the people that the Democrats want to put in charge of this nation’s foreign policy?

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