A Case For Reparations Against The DNC?

Aaron at Lifelike Pundits found an interesting story that I, a North Carolinian, had never heard. The story is of a violent overthrow of the local government in Wilmington, NC, which resulted in voter literacy tests and other methods of disenfranchising black voters. A fact-finding commission recently recommended that “North Carolina should compensate victims of racial violence that led to the overthrow of a racially mixed city government a century ago and ushered in a new political era in the Jim Crow South.” Aaron asks if the compensation shouldn’t be sought from the Democratic Party since they are the ones responsible for the overthrow. He actually doesn’t believe in reparations to descendants of victims, but for those who do, the question is an interesting one.

...And we're supposed to take them seriously?
"I Don't Understand the Necessity for Patriotism"


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