Not exactly a great selling point

The Minuteman Project, the group of private citizens organized to take action about the illegal alien problem by drawing attention to the issue and establishing their own border watch program (watch, NOT enforcement — all they do is notify authorities of border jumpers), has gotten a lot of criticism from those who like illegal aliens. They have been called Nazis, racists, xenophobes, vigilantes, fat drunken bubbas, and I’m sure at least one person has said they have cooties, too. They’ve handled each of these with aplomb, continuing their self-appointed tasks and repeatedly stressing that their job is to strictly observe, and not to act.

One of their more adventurous projects was to build their own fence along the border. They strung three miles of barbed wire along the border in Cochise County, Arizona, as their own little gesture.

Well, they have found out the hard way just how difficult the government’s job is, because during the middle of the night recently, someone came along and cut a hole in their fence.

And it was someone who knew what they were doing, too — they didn’t cut it in the middle, where it could be easily spliced back together, but right at a post — meaning the entire 800-foot length will have to be replaced.

The Minutemen vow to repair the fence, and to keep a better watch on it in the future. In the meantime, though, they look just a little foolish for not watching their own personal border as well as they say they’re watching the US border.

I happen to support the Minuteman Project, and think that they have great potential to shame the government into doing the right thing with regards to the border, but whoever cut the fence did a brilliant move — it embarasses them publicly without letting them play the victim card. I hope they bounce back from this, and even find a way to turn it to their advantage.

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