Microsoft Making the Next "iPod Killer"

Every week we get another iPod killer. This week it supposedly comes from Microsoft. The rumors have been around for a while but now “sources” have backed it up so it makes the big media. And we all know to never doubt “sources.”

Microsoft readying Apple iPod rival: sources

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Software giant Microsoft Corp. is laying the groundwork to compete against Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod digital entertainment device and iTunes service, sources familiar with the discussions and plans said on Friday.

Microsoft has held licensing discussions with the music industry to create its own music service, the sources told Reuters.

The Redmond, Washington-based developer of software that runs most of the world’s PCs is also demonstrating an entertainment device that plays videos and music, the sources said.

It is unclear when Microsoft plans to launch, they said.

Microsoft’s software technology has provided the copyright framework for a handful of subscription music services globally. But these services have failed to topple Apple’s dominance in music and device sales, despite well financed backers including Yahoo Inc..

Frankly I’m still skeptical this device exists (although I have missed a few days of the rumor mill) but assuming it does, let’s preview it.

* You’ll need to run 4 wizards to install it and 2 more each time you use it.

* It will only play music you pay Bill Gates for.

* It will continually check to make sure you paid Bill Gates for said music.

* Every time you play a song, 3 popup windows will ask you if you want to play something else instead.

* Simply picking the song you want will require 12 layers of menus and 3 forms of advertisement.

* It will have multiple layers of integration with Word, Excel and Outlook to really confuse the user.

* Exactly ZERO attention will be paid to the simple task of playing music.

I could be wrong of course… But if history is any predictor of the future…

And DON”T MISS this preview of the Microsoft iPod.

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