Leftist blogger steps back from the ledge

I’ve said a few times that David Anderson is one of the saner members of the Left end of the blogosphere. Politically, he’s pretty consistently wrong (as in, “he disagrees with me,” but I’m trying to economize on words), but I can’t fault him in other areas. He’s a successful businessman (a rarity among the Left, but I don’t think he’s another George Soros — seems a bit too honest for that), and he has damned good taste in music and lovely ladies.

Last April, he decided to start a “Karl Rove Resigns” betting pool. I was the only participant, when I said “January 20, 2009” — the date Bush’s term of office will expire.

A month later, he took the TruthOut (apparently as in, “Out of Truth, so will you accept this fabrication?”) crock of bull hook, line and sinker, and gloated in Rove’s imminent indictment. I cautioned him about putting too much faith in the story.

Well, the Rove indictment has evaporated into the ether, leaving TruthOut scrambling to retain a single shred of whatever credibility they might once have held. And those who believed their bull are left with two equally unpalatable choices: either keep the faith against conclusive evidence to the contrary, like so many doomsday cultists were so disappointed to wake up on January 1, 2000, or eat a big helping of crow.

I’ve never met David face to face, but we’ve had several conversations online, and I think I know him well enough to say that given the choice, he’d pass on further denial and divorce from reality, and eat something — even something as unpalatable as a big plate of crow.

That’s an especially easy prediction to make, considering he publicly sat down at the table with his fork and knife and dug in yesterday.

Now, the easy thing to do in such a case is to leap all over his admission of error and beat him over the head with it. To use it to discredit everything else he says and does, saying “if you were wrong about Rove, why should we give you any credibility on this issue?”

That’s the easy way, and it’s the wrong way. Admitting errors should, if anything, increase one’s credibility. No one is infallible, we all make mistakes, and it’s how we handle those mistakes that shows true character. To own up to them, to correct them, and to try to learn from them is the best approach. And that’s what David did.

Funny thing about eating crow. It’s like a foul (or fowl) version of monosodium glutemate. I’ve had more than my share of it, and while it tastes horrible going down, afterwards it has the most amazing effect: it makes everything else taste so much sweeter.

Keep up the women and music postings, David. And sooner or later, I WILL bring you around to not only tolerate, but embrace much of the Neocon agenda. You’re already there on some of the issues, like illegal immigration.

It’s not an easy transition to make, David, It’s not a nice, happy, fluffy world like the Left has, but it’s really worth the peace of mind that comes from accepting and embracing reality.

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