Car 7089, where are you?

In Boston yesterday, a drunken homeless man with a lengthy criminal record decided to have a little fun. He jumped into an unattended police car (Smirnoff firmly clenched in one hand) and took it for a joyride, tearing around Beantown, yelling at people to “Pull over!”, for at least an hour before someone figured he might not be a real cop and called 911.

Mr. Jeffrey Jarocz (and you gotta see the picture that goes with the story) is being held on $100,000 bail and faces charges of drunken driving, impersonating a police officer and stealing a motor vehicle.

The really stupid thing he did was not to legally change his name before he jumped in the cruiser. After all, if he was Joseph Jarocz KENNEDY, he likely would have been given a ride to the nearest shelter to sleep it off.

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