Please allow me to introduce myself…

It’s official: I love my new little laptop. In fact, over the last couple of days, about half my blogging has been done on it.

Last Saturday, I asked readers to suggest names for this machine. There were a lot of good suggestions, but in the end I’m going to go with one of my own.

I’ve always been fond of names with double meanings. In college, I gave three women friends of mine nicknames, all of which had a second meaning I didn’t always share. Beanie didn’t mind hers, and Plum was rather fond of it, but Fishhead actually embraced hers. I’d often come home to messages on my machine: “Hi, Jay, it’s Fishhead.”

So in that spirit, I decided that his new machine needed a similarly double-powered name.

First up, I wanted a functional name. One that described the computer, and to what use I intended to put it to. This will be mainly for blogging, with additional uses as a portable entertainment machine.

The second meaning I wanted to be more personal. So I dug deep into my fonder childhood memories, of a delightful television show that I still love. (I really oughta get the DVDs soon.)

So, in that spirit, I present to the Wizbang audience the formal introduction of the Electric Mayhem.

(And yes, I’ve seen this video…)

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