MySpace Teen Story Goes From Weird To Creepy


Earlier this week we mentioned the story of 16-year-old Katherine Lester from Gilford, Michigan, who ran away from home and was caught in Jordan trying to get to a young man going by the name abdullahpsycho on MySpace. The young man, 20-year-old Abdullah Jinzawi, had lied to the teen about his age and his wealth in an attempt to lure her to is West Bank home. The AP reports that his family is crushed…

NABLUS, West Bank (AP) — The family of a West Bank man whose 16-year-old American girlfriend flew to the Mideast to marry him after they met on the Web is distraught that she has returned home and says they still hope to bring the couple together.

Sana Jinzawi, Abdullah’s mother, said her son is heartbroken and insisted the two are in love.

“She was going to sign a marriage contract as soon as she got here,” she said, adding that she told Katherine to “bring a pink dress for the engagement party and a white dress for the wedding.”

“She wanted to convert to Islam and wear the head covering and live with us and adopt our culture,” she said.

Well isn’t that special. It sure sounds like international kidnapping, but that’s just a minor detail. But wait it gets better… It turns out luring American women is a cottage industry in their neighborhood.

Family members insist they didn’t want to hurt the girl and had no idea she acted without her parents’ consent.

Sana Jinzawi said five other Jericho residents had brought American girls to Jericho in recent years and that all of them now live with their wives in the U.S.

No wonder the family is crushed; Lester was their meal ticket.

Sana Jinzawi said her son and Katherine have been in touch since she returned to Michigan.

“Neither of them are giving up on each other,” she said.

The phrase “grounded for life” comes to mind…

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