Reaction To News Rove Won't Be Indicted

Jay and Kevin have already posted news that Karl Rove won’t be indicted in the Plame investigation, so if you haven’t read their posts yet, start there.

I am not going to brave the Democratic Underground swamp for reaction. Luckily I won’t even have to because Hugh Hewitt has done it already and Mark Coffey has even categorized the lefty reactions to the news.

Tom Maguire at Just One Minute, which has been the “go to” spot for Plame news, has a good roundup and Stop the ACLU has a list of reaction links.

Michelle Malkin has declared it Rove Derangement Syndrome Day.

Lifelife Pundits have a Matthews suicide watch.

Scott Ott explains why this news proves the GOP is doomed.

Lawhawk has my favorite post title.

GOP and the City has my favorite take:

Karl Rove has avoided lethal injection (for now). As Rovie walks away, his creation (Tropical Storm Alberto) has weakened faster than Patrick Fitzgerald’s case against him.

Had Rove been indicted, you can be assured that Alberto would have been turned into a hurricane by Rove’s Weather Generator (which is stored in his garage). Instead of reports of Karl Rove’s arrest; the news would be filled with images of weathermen weatherpeople standing in knee deep water, as buildings fly down the street, telling us there are high winds and rising water. Want more proof? Who is the Attorney General? Alberto Gonzalez!

UPDATE: Don’t miss Pat Curley’s “The Night Before Fitzmas.”

UPDATE II: Pat Hynes caught Karl Rove on video in New Hampshire last night making an interesting joke. I am guessing he got the good news before this morning.

UPDATE III: Sister Toldjah makes an excellent point (I am sorry I missed her post earlier) that Howard Dean pronounces Rove guilty, but gave OBL the presumption of innocence a couple of years ago. Another excellent example of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

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