Autopsy Showed Zarqawi Died from Bomb Blast


Maj. Gen. William Caldwell, Centcom spokesman, said during this morning’s press conference that Zarqawi lived for 55 minutes after the blast. US Army surgeon Dr. Steve Jones confirmed that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi died from injuries from a bomb blast.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Al Qaeda leader in Iraq Abu Musab al Zarqawi lived for almost an hour after the first U.S. bomb struck his hideout north of Baghdad last Wednesday, a U.S. military spokesman said on Monday.

Major General William Caldwell said Zarqawi died 55 minutes after the first of two 500-pound (227-kg) bombs hit the building and 24 minutes after U.S. forces arrived at the scene.

He said they administered medical help to the mortally wounded Zarqawi.

A U.S. medical officer, Steve Jones, told the same briefing that Zarqawi died from blast waves caused by the bombs, adding that he must have been in an enclosed space.

Jones said DNA testing had confirmed Zarqawi’s identity.

Caldwell said the fate of the body would be discussed with Iraq’s government.

Hot Air has more.

Stop the ACLU is also following the autopsy results.

Update: Austin Bay live blogged the autopsy press conference.

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