'MySpace' Teen Back In US After Mideast Love Trek

Saginaw Michigan honor student turned runaway teen, Katherine Lester, is back in Michigan tonight after being detained in Jordan as she tried to get to the West Bank to meet a 25 year old Jericho man she met on MySpace. The 16-year-old had tricked her mother into getting her a passport to visit Canada; where US citizens do not need passports for entry, and used the passport to journey off to meet her MySpace paramour.

Katherine Lester’s MySpace page (set to private), but the emo guy from Jericho she was on her way to see, abdullahpsycho, is still online. What’s striking is the site decoration…


Yeah that would have turned out real well for her…

7 Action News (WXYX) reports that she left the country with the 25 year old man, though the Detroit Free Press and other outlets are reporting that she gave her mother the slip and headed of toward Israel on her own. She’s back in Michigan tonight and authorities are trying to piece together her mysterious journey.

According to ABC 12 (WJRT) the person who likely saved the day was the stepmother:

Her family thought she was planning a trip to Canada with a few friends, but as early as Monday, Lester’s sister Mary suspected something was up.

Their step mom did some searching of Lester’s profile on the Web site MySpace.com, discovered she had a friend in Israel, and the next thing you know, the FBI tracked her down on that plane to Jordan.

Good for the step mom.

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