To Fight Terrorism You Have To Correctly Identify The Enemy

Captain Ed points to two excellent editorials today about the continued reluctance of those in positions of power to describe and address the true nature of Islamic terrorism. In an Examiner editorial, “The Broad Strata of Delusion”, we see how security is inadequately addressed as a result. In an Investor’s Business Daily editorial, “Sanctuaries of Terror”, the connection between terrorism and those who frequent mosques is discussed.

Read both pieces. As Ed concludes, the refusal to correctly identify the enemy is one that has to end if we are to really get serious about security and preventing future terrorist attacks.

We continue to see an almost deliberate aversion from the truth about the nature of the terrorists every time we find disrupt their plans or arrest the plotters. The Canadians aren’t alone in this; we see it in the US as well. IBD points out that mosques figured heavily into the efforts of the 9/11 terrorists, including one near the Pentagon, an ultimate target for one of their teams. The 1993 World Trade Center bombing also involved an imam, Omar Abdel Rahman (the “blind Sheikh”), currently serving a life sentence here in Minnesota for his part in the attack. In London, a raid on the Finsbury mosque associated with the July 7 bombings turned up stolen and forged passports and chemical warfare suits.

Another fact to keep in mind: eighty percent of mosques in the US, according to IBD, get their financing from the Wahhabist Saudis — and we have over 1,200 of them.

We cannot win this war while we ignore the lines of communication from the enemy. We certainly cannot win any war if we remain afraid to name our enemy. Western governments want to pretend that our enemy is a tactic rather than a person, and so play a little dance when the tactic continually gets used by one particular strain of religious fanatics — Islamists. This dance insults our intelligence, and it insults the intelligence of everyone else, our enemies included.

Our governments need to stop the charade of “broad stratas” and shaking down old Medal of Honor winners at airports in order to extend the delusion. The pattern of terrorist attacks show them to have almost exclusively committed by males, and young, radical Islamic males. Let’s get serious about our security and the war and acknoweldge that Islamists declared war on us years ago, and that we will make sure our security protocols are geared to fight that war.

Update: James Joyner points out that while they compose the majority, all terrorists are not young, Arab men.

Still, although Lorie Byrd is axiomatically right when she observes, “To Fight Terrorism You Have To Correctly Identify The Enemy,” the enemy is jihadist killers, not young Arab men. The enemy is using teenage girls and old women as suicide bombers these days. They also have white co-conspirators, including the likes of John Walker Lindh. And black men such as the DC snipers and the would-be University of North Carolina killer. So, while young Arab men should reasonably receive more scrutiny than little old ladies, focusing exclusively on the former will let bad guys through; indeed, once the profile became evident, the enemy would use those who don’t fit the profile for most of their operations, with perhaps the occasional sacrificial Arab thrown in to keep us off the scent.

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