WIZBANG FLASHBACK: Nick Berg Gave Password to Terrorist

Reading Michael Berg’s comments about the man who beheaded his own son made me remember an unresolved mystery.

In a story Wizbang broke hours before the national media, Nick Berg was under investigation by the FBI for another “chance encounter” with an international terrorist, Zacharias Moussaoui… The FBI was investigating why Berg gave Moussaoui his password for his computer account at his university.

At the time Michael Berg downplayed the whole thing and bashed George Bush.

But Philly.com (in a link now dead, see previous Wizbang story) had some more information:

Some of those details have not been reported before, including:

The FBI apparently conducted a lengthy investigation of Berg in captivity because they were checking out a possible friendship or other tie with an Arab at the University of Oklahoma who was under scrutiny in connection with the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

The source said that in addition to his passport, cash and a laptop, Berg had two books when he was arrested in Mosul on March 24 that aroused suspicion: the Koran and a book that authorities somehow interpreted as “anti-Semitic.”

Friends say it’s unlikely that Berg, a practicing Jew, would have carried an anti-Semitic book but that reading the Koran and other local texts was very much in line with his intellectual curiosity.

Berg stubbornly refused American offers of assistance in getting home – including an offer of free airfare, cash and an American escort. He told authorities before his April 6 release that he was eager to get back to work seeking contracts in Iraq, telling U.S. authorities “he was losing thousands of dollars in jail.”

At the time -working with more knowledge that I had before the big media but did not run with- I called Berg “dirty.” I later said I spoke too soon. I’m still not sure I wasn’t right.

There are still thousands of an unanswered questions about what Nick Berg was doing in Iraq. And how some kid from middle America “happened” to have such chance encounters with 2 of the most notorious people of our time.

We may never have all the answers.

But I posted this because there is one thing we know for sure. Michael Berg is a liar. Nick Berg was offered assistance getting out Iraq and refused. Michael Berg should quit blaming George Bush and consider blaming his pals the terrorists.

"This film is rated PG, or 'Pro-God.'"
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