Overcoming Conservative Battle Fatigue

Ed Morrisey has a prescription to overcome conservative battle fatigue in his debut column at the Examiner.

Instead of staying home, we need to get more involved. If your representative or senator votes for pork, bigger government, and ignores border security, look for a credible primary challenger to represent conservative values instead. Organize and speak out on behalf of candidates and politicians who do the right thing, even if they don’t represent your district or state…

…If our preferred candidate does not win in the primaries, we still have to act responsibly and choose between the two major party candidates in the general election. Not only will abdication result in a loss of control over our own representation, the failure of GOP candidates has national implications that will wind up hamstringing the politicians that really have worked on our behalf, the Tom Coburns, the John Kyls, the Jon Cornyns, and the George Allens. And by sitting on our hands, we will have proven too inflexible to be dependable, which will only encourage Republican candidates to reach out to the center-left more than ever before.

If we want to convince people to trust us with leadership, we have to show that we can work within coalitions and provide mature and responsible partnership, even with those with whom we will sometimes disagree. If we cannot prove ourselves trustworthy, our movement will never maintain the strength to implement policy.

I think his recommendations make sense and have even voiced similar sentiments myself.

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"This film is rated PG, or 'Pro-God.'"


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