More On Zarqawi

Kim will be out for a while this morning, so she passed the baton to me to continue coverage of reaction to the news of the death of Zarqawi. She and TalkSmack have already compiled some interesting links below, but there is lots more still being said.

When I first heard the news early this morning, one of my first thoughts was to wonder how long it would take for those on the left and in the media to point out that Zarqawi was not responsible for 9/11 and that Osama has not yet been killed or captured. It didn’t take long. An anchor on CNN started asking about Osama before I even had my kids ready for school. I expect that will be a fairly common theme on the liberal blogs. I wonder if those actually depressed by the news of Zarqawi’s death, for fear that it will result in the President’s poll numbers ticking up a notch, realize how incredibly dispicable that attitude is to the general public. It reminds me of when Saddam was captured. There were some on the liberal message boards that could only be described as despondent. I am so glad that I can fully enjoy this truly wonderful news both for our troops in Iraq and for the Iraqi people.

That is my take on the death of Zarqawi. Here is what some others are saying:

Sweetness & Light looks at the way Reuters and others covered the story.

Betsy Newmark notes that things have been tougher for the terrorists lately and the Zarqawi killing on makes things tougher for them. Then she says out loud what many of us have been thinking, and some have even blogged,

The one really strong weapon that Al Qaeda has in Iraq is the ability to kill a bunch of civilians and then use the media to spread terror. In other words, they are using the media as one of their weapons of terror… Of course, we haven’t seen much talk on the media analyzing their own role as a strategic part of Al Qaeda’s terror policy. The media loves to have navel-gazing symposia all the time about how they’re doing their job, and love talking about how dangerous it is for the journalists reporting in Iraq, which it certainly is, but little discussion of how the terrorists have been killing people especially to get media coverage.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit points out that Zarqawi would not have been killed had the Murtha cut and run plan been implemented.

John Hawkins says that Zarqawi is now a good terrorist. (I am sure you can all figure that one out.)

Pamela at Atlas Shrugged is simply glad.

Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has a play by play of E.D. Hill’s phone interview with Berg this morning. Evidently she could not convince him that Zarqawi killed his son, not Boooosh. She has also posted some Kos Kidz craziness, including some evidence that what I said above about those worried about Bush’s poll numbers improving was sadly true.

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