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A lot of people are talking about how the media, especially the Canadian media, are downplaying the Islamic element in the recent terrorist arrests in the Great White North. The statement by one government official that the suspects “represented a broad strata of our community” seems to emphasize the diversity of them, instead of citing the unifying element — their common Muslim faith.

There does seem to be a concerted effort to downplay the Muslim element in the alleged conspiracy from the top, but I think I see some evidence that the rank and file members of the MSM are slowly turning — and in a remarkably subtle fashion. And it’s Little Green Footballs that led me to this theory.

On Saturday, Charles posted a photo from Yahoo! News that showed family members of the suspects — and their “traditional garb” doesn’t exactly scream “Buddhist” to me.

On Monday, Charles posted this picture, taken from the Toronto Star. While the article avoids the elephant in the room, the photo is reminiscent of the above one — again, I don’t think those women are Baptists.

And then on Tuesday, Charles quoted an article from The Globe And Mail, which discussed the special training and briefings the police received before they conducted the arrests. While the suspects did, indeed, represent a “broad strata” of Canadian society, the focus was on proper handling of the Koran, availability of prayer mats, and meetings with Muslim leaders. Again left unspoken is the unifying element of this “broad strata.”

Sometimes, the message that is heard the clearest is that which is never spoken. People tend to remember the lessons they are not told, but led to deduce on their own.

Say what you want about the MSM, but words and messages are their forte’. Their very essence, their whole point of being, is communication. I find myself wondering if in this case, the guys and gals in the trenches are quietly rebelling against their masters, following the letter of their wishes while quietly subverting the intent.

This could be simple projection, seeing what I want to see instead of how things are. But I’m not so sure…

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