This Tinfoil Is Giving Me a Headache

RFK, Jr. appeared on Neil Cavuto’s show Monday to do some more ranting about how the Republicans stole the election. This is the Ohio edition of the tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, in case you are keeping track. Keith Obermann would have been proud. If you missed the interview, it is worth reading at Musing Minds or watching at Fox News or Expose the Left. Neil Cavuto was very respectful, but he did an excellent job pointing out the very obvious problems with Kennedy’s theory. I know that the Republicans are supposed to be really worried about keeping their majorities in the House and Senate in the fall elections, as well they should be, but when so many on the other side of the aisle use their time and energy and media access to talk about stuff like this, it is hard for me, as a Republican, to keep from smiling.

Update: Regarding the “stuff like this” that I referred to above that many on the Left are wasting time and energy on, here is another example. (I included the wrong link in an earlier version of this post. It is fixed now.)

I mistakenly gave RFK, Jr. the title of congressman in one reference above, but have now corrected it. I told you the tinfoil was giving me a headache.

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