Scrappleface Satire Isn't Far From The Truth

Scott Ott often writes satire that gets mistaken for real news because he skirts incredibly close to the truth, while pushing just enough over the top to make a point. I found the following offering to be a particularly good example. (Hat tip to Betsy Newmark who described the piece as “satire so accurate it hurts.”)

(2006-06-03) — The American Society of Professional Journalists today said it would offer major news organizations like CNN and the New York Times a “core values” training course in the wake of an incident in Haditha, Iraq.

The journalist training comes as the Pentagon offers its own brand of values reinforcement for U.S. troops.

“We’re just going to cover the basics,” said an unnamed trainer, “We’ll reinforce the bedrock values that 99.9 percent of journalists already live by, but may not always remember under the stress, fear and isolation of war.”

The following is a partial list of topics from the “core wartime values” course for journalists:

-Hold the presses! Innocent until accused.
-How to use the word “alleged” and still get your point across.
-Finding a quotable Congressman to say what you mean.
-Top-notch news analysis in a word: Vietnam.

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