Patching things up in Rhode Island

Well, Congressman Patrick “Patches” Kennedy is back from rehab, tanned, rested, and ready. And he insists that he can handle his duties and is fit to not only finish out his term, but stand for re-election.

His Republican detractors in his adopted state have their doubts. They have been urging him to resign and devote his full attention to battling his demons so someone else can take on the full-time task of representing Rhode Island’s interests in congress.

This is a very unpopular stance for them. A lot of people want Patches to stay in Congress, and are telling Rhode Island Republicans just what they think of their idea.

All I have to add to this is a quote I stole from a caller into a Boston talk show: “Only in twisted Kennedy logic can alcohol and sleeping pills be called a ‘wake-up call.'”

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