With friends like Atrios, who needs enemas?

Boy, you never can tell just what’s going to strike a nerve. And my piece Sunday morning about Francine Busby, the Democrat looking to succeed Randy “Duke” Cunningham in Congress from California, generated a hell of a lot stronger reaction than I expected. Hell, I blew away the Caption Contest ™ by over 50% in comments, and around here that’s the 500-pound gorilla of postings.

However, when I find that a bunch of the regulars are disagreeing with me, I have to start wondering if I was either wrong, or misspoke. And when I find myself singled out for praise by such “luminaries” as Crooks and Liars and Atrios, I am pretty sure I didn’t say what I meant.

First of all, Atrios (king of the “Open Thread,” the laziest trick in blogging. I don’t particularly care for when Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs does it, and that’s only once or twice a day. My brief sojourns into Atrios’ space (in full biohazard suit and after extensive shots) have seen as many as half a dozen in one day, with the same cut and pasted text. But I seriously digress.) mischaracterizes my position. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was either too lazy or too stupid to grasp what I wrote, and not accuse him of deliberately lying about it.

Atrios (and those who took his worthless word for it) said I called the Busby/illegal alien flap “manufactured.” That means that the outrage was fabricated, concocted out of whole cloth, and a fraud. That characterization is, in and of itself, a fraud.

The sole person to blame for the Bussby brouhaha is Busby herself. Nobody put those words in her mouth; she opened it up and shoved her feet right in there. What I said was that it was overblown.

Busby’s own words make it clear: her concerns for illegal aliens are making sure they get the education and health care to which they are entitled. No worries about getting them to legalize their status, no calls for enforcement of existing laws, just making sure they get all the government assistance they are “entitled” to.

Her statement, her precise words, make it abundantly clear that she is willing to accept the support of anyone to win her election:

“Well sure, everybody can help. Yeah, absolutely. You can all help. Yeah, you don’t need papers for voting, you don’t need to be a registered voter to help.”

She goes on:

“I will do everything I can to support you, to promote policies that are supportive of your education and health care and families, but I can’t, I can’t bring people to vote for me. Only you can do that.”

(Thanks to commenter GS for the video link)

The audio makes it clear she is saying that her campaign will take whatever assistance is offered, from whoever offers it. They will not ask potentially embarrassing questions about one’s voting status, or even one’s immigration status, if one shows up and offers to stuff envelopes, man phones, hold signs, or any of the countless other grunt-level jobs in a political campaign.

What Busby did NOT do was explicitly solicit votes from those not legally entitled to vote. She stopped just short of that.

From what little I know of Busby, she would not be morally offended if a whole bunch of illegal aliens did commit fraud and voted for her. In fact, I’d be surprised if the did not object to the slightest efforts to prevent such fraud, such as asking for voters to show identification before voting. (Hmm… here’s an idea. Give every voter a free Sudafed for showing up. That way, they HAVE to show some identification!) I’ll even go so far as to say she quite possibly believes that everyone who lives in her district is entitled to vote, whether or not they’re registered to vote or even citizens.

But she did not openly call for it. Such an action is an extraordinary claim, and extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof. Such proof is simply lacking in this case.

So, please, voters of California’s 50th District, reject her campaign. Send her back to her well-deserved obscurity, along with all the rest of the lobbyists for the illegal aliens, those who like having an indentured underclass to do our dirty work for slave wages, who want to cheapen American citizenship and make it worthless, who want to spit in the faces of all those who spend years and years to become citizens the right, legal way.

But don’t do it over the “she solicited voter fraud” argument. Don’t give her and her ilk any more excuse to claim victim status, to say that she lost because of “smears” and “lies.” They’re going to anyway; we should not let their whines have even the slightest grouding in reality.

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