Not exactly Mother of the Year material…

It’s not as common today, but it used to be a fairly typical practice for parents to take their children out for a celebratory drink or three on their 21st birthday. It was a way of commemorating the end of minority, of becoming a full-fledged adult member of society.

One Massachusetts woman apparently misunderstood this old tradition over this weekend. She took her daughter out for a night of drinking and partying on the mother’s 21st birthday — and the daughter was a scant 4 months old.

Luckily, the only casualty of the night was a car tire, blown out when the mother drove into a curb.

Momma’s in jail, as she proved to be a bit of a hellcat when the police tried to arrest her. Baby’s with relatives while Momma’s away. There’s no word on her car.

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