It's Not 1994

I agree wtih Pat Hynes that Democrats should not expect a repeat of 1994 this fall. He points out that the Contract With America has been given more credit with the GOP landslide than it deserved and that evangelical Christians were more responsible for the win than they were given credit.

In states such as Georgia, Oklahoma, North Caolina, and South Caolina, a huge swath of voters that had traditionally voted one way (Democrat) in large numbers completed their migration to the other side of the aisle (Republican); a migration that was decades in the making and only realized during-and perhaps hastened by-the presidency of Bill Clinton.

So the real question is: what is the similar swing voting group that is going to change the course of national politics in favor of the Democrat Party? Some liberal pundits such as Amy Sullivan and Ruth Marcus theorize that the selfsame evangelicals are going to swing in favor of Democrats now, allowing them to reclaim one or both houses of Congress. For too many reasons to articulate here, that idea is absurd.

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