A picture is worth a thousand words

I was wondering about whether or not I should discuss this story in this morning’s Boston Herald. I was leaning against it, because it really doesn’t present anything new. Cops catch illegal aliens, cops call feds, feds tell ’em to kick ’em loose with a summons, illegals toss summons in the trash. Same old, same old.

But then I noticed the accompanying picture.

The caption: “Alma Rosa Cota, an agent of Beta Group, the Mexican border patrol, receiving illegal immigrants deported by the US.”

Ms. Cota is wearing a jacket with what appears to be the Mexican flag on the sleeve and “PROTECCION A MIGRANTES” emblazoned across the back.

I don’t speak Spanish, but I’d be willing to bet that translates into English as “Protection Of Migrants.”

This is the Mexican equivalent of the Border Patrol. And names mean something.

In the United States, our border patrol patrols the border. Our Immigration and Customs Enforcement enforces the laws regarding immigration and customs.

But in Mexico, the “border patrol” is aimed towards protecting migrants.

Let’s think about that.

Migrants come in two groups: legal and illegal. Legal migrants don’t need protection by the Mexican border patrol. They can come and go across the border freely.

But illegal migrants do need help and protection. They need to know where they can cross safely, without fear of arrest. They need food and water. They need to be protected from unethical smugglers and con artists.

So, who can they turn to for this protection? Why not the Mexican border patrol, who put “PROTECCION A MIGRANTES” in great big letters across the back of their orange jackets?

Like I said, I could be wrong. I don’t speak Spanish, and I don’t know much about Mexico’s government and respective agencies. But somehow, I don’t think I am.

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