What's Spanish for "fait accompli?"

This morning’s Boston Herald has the sad story of Mario Rodas, 19, a Guatemalan who graduated from Chelsea High School with honors last year. It seems that Mr. Rodas and his family came to the United States seven years ago on temporary visas, but didn’t bother to go home. Now the government has caught up with them, and is looking to send them back.

It’s hard to not feel sympathy for Mr. Rodas. He really hasn’t done anything actively wrong. He didn’t sneak across the border, he simply tagged along with his parents when they came to the United States legally (the article doesn’t state what kind of visas they had or when they expired, but they were clearly temporary ones).

Mr. Rodas sounds like a decent guy, and I do feel sorry for him. I have no desire to leave the United States, either. But there are a few questions the article doesn’t address:

1) Did the family come to the United States and just decide to stay, or was that their intention all along, and they lied on their original, temporary visas?

2) Has anyone in the family taken any steps towards legalizing and making permanent their residency, or have they just been going on “under the radar” and hoping no one would notice?

3) What has Mr. Rodas been doing since he graduated high school last year? Has he been working illegally?

There are right ways and wrong ways to become a permanent resident of the United States. It’s not easy, but it’s a hell of a lot easier than in pretty much any other nation on earth. Mr. Rodas and his family have had numerous opportunities to comply with the law, and apparently chose not to avail themselves of any of them.

One of the few things that stuck with me from sex education was an aphorism about birth control: “hope is not a method.” This was followed up by “do you know what you call people who use ‘hope’ as their primary form of birth control? Parents.”

Hope also isn’t a good immigration strategy. It works well for millions, it seems, but it comes with no guarantees. And if you’re one of those it doesn’t work for, my sympathies for you diminish tremendously.

Because just like there’s no such thing as “a little pregnant,” there’s no such thing as “a little illegal.”

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