We are Nincompoops Ranting

That’s what Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten says about bloggers.

Ace’s title captures the real tone of Weingarten’s whine at his University Maryland’s Journalism School commencement address: Sedate, Sober Media Professional Calls Bloggers “Stupid Poopypants Fartheads.”

This is what Mr. Weingarten said:

I want to congratulate you all upon your graduation from the University of Maryland College of Journalism, and wish you luck as you prepare to embark on exciting careers in telemarketing or large-appliance repair.

My point is, this is a challenging time for journalists.

And because you are word people, you understand that “challenging time” is a euphemism often used to describe disasters of epic proportions. For example, Richard Pryor was facing a “challenging time” when he ran down the street half-naked and on fire.

What are your challenges, specifically? Let us begin with, quote unquote, getting a job. Good jobs in journalism have become scarce as newspapers shrink and die, broadcast media fragment to smaller niche audiences and the public appears more and more willing to receive its “news” online from nincompoops ranting in their underpants.

Mr. Weingarten isn’t pleased with blogs or bloggers because they are creeping into his journalistic turf. What Mr. Weingarten seems to have missed is that the news reading public has been given an alternate source for their news and information, and they’re choosing blogs, hence the moniker “alternate media.” It’s the free market of ideas, and traditional, liberal leaning news outlets are losing.

Michelle Malkin has more bad news for Mr. Weingarten: his own Washington Post has hooked up with Technorati to connect its readers with *gasp* bloggers.

Wake up and smell the new, alternate media.

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