"I believe the children are the future" — and it's horrifying

Golda Meir, former prime minister of Israel, once famously said that “we will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” Judging by recent developments, that ain’t happening any time soon.

The Palestinians have a long history of using their children as political props. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs notes this at every opportunity. But recently, in the Muslim world. this rhetoric has heated to the point of becoming reality.

I can’t find the exact story, but there was a news report of a foiled Palestinian suicide bomber, a mother who deeply regretted being stopped before she could hide a bomb in her stroller along with her child, hoping to blow up both herself and the baby along with Israelis.

Recently, some Palestinians sent a bunch of children, dressed in little combat fatigues and carrying toy guns, to an Israeli military point. Only by the grace of god and Israeli training and vigilance did the soldiers realize that the “terrorists” were children before shooting them. (hat tip to Laurence Simon.)

In Haditha, Iraq, where United States Marines are accused of carrying out a massacre, one of the Marines wounded in the incident reports that the terrorists are using children as scouts and sentinels, watching for US patrols and reporting on their movements. (Thanks to Michelle Malkin for this report.)

The progression is unmistakable. We are approaching the point where, sooner or later, children will not be used as decoys, or scouts, but full-fledged combatants. The Palestinians are already using teenagers as would-be suicide bombers. The next step is to take adolescents and give them weapons they can handle, and send them off to battle.

At that point, our troops will be faced with the horrific choice: kill or be killed — and the face on the other end of their gun will be a child. An eight, nine, or ten-year-old who will be doing his or her level best to kill the soldier.

This is not a clash of civilizations, as child sacrifice is one of the hallmarks of uncivilization. This is a struggle for our survival as a race, as one side sheds every trapping of civilization, of decency, of humanity in an effort to win through sheer revulsive behavior.

We are facing an enemy who is willing — nay, eager — to slaughter their own children to get their way. Do we want to live in a world where such a tactic is seen as the way to victory?

Can we live in a world where such a tactic is seen as the way to victory?

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