And people wonder why I have a category called "Mass. Insanity…"

Just a few stories from today’s Boston Herald:

Knife-wielding student caught with shotgun and ammunition in his locker

Teen murderers to be released by age 21

Dead baby found in high school toilet

And finally, the panty-thief I mentioned before: apparently the Herald’s uncovering of her tooling around in her Mercedes SUV while on probation for over $100,000 in welfare fraud and at least $280,000 in profits from shoplifting has had some effect. The judge has ordered a suspension of the $100/month restitution payments pending a review of her true financial status.

This being Massachusetts, of course, Jennifer Stevanovich is to do the review of her own finances and report them to the court. There is no mention of anyone reviewing her review, or of any sanction should she happen to mislay a few assets…

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