Why Dell Sucks Today – The Saga Continues

Some of you might remember my post a few weeks back about Dell taking an order for a product and then lying to me about the delivery date. Repeatedly. For weeks.

I got an email from a guy at Dell who read the post and he said he would help make it right. We cancelled that order and placed another one for a similar, but more expensive, product. (Why, I don’t know why, call me an moron.) I told him that I’d blog the outcome -no matter the outcome- good bad or indifferent. He agreed.


They took my order a few weeks ago and gave me a delivery date. 3 DAYS before the delivery date they authorized my debit card and 2 DAYS before the ship date they took the money out of my checking account.

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday?

You got it… Another freaking bogus “Umm… we’ll ship that next week” email that I now know -thru a Dell manager- is a lie. (see previous post)

So now they have my money and I’m almost 2 months with no product. I have no idea why their system takes the money BEFORE it ships when they know they don’t have the product, but according to my bank, the money is gone.

I have nothing to base this on (I’m no lawyer) but this -to me- sounds like one of those areas we have federal wire fraud laws about. I’m tempted to call the U.S. Attorney and see if I’m right.

Update: 3am I called Oregon today (You didn’t think I’d throw away that number did you?) and told Oregon I wanted my product or my money. Oregon didn’t give me a straight answer and I was running out the door, so I figured I’d call in the morning. I looked at my bank online just now and the charge was gone. – I still don’t know if that is good news or bad, if I’m getting my product or not.

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