Not all politics are this local…

Sometimes it amazes me just how self-important small-town politicians can get. For the last few years, it’s been a staple of some small liberal enclaves in Vermont and Massachusetts have been passing resolutions for President Bush’s impeachment. (I think this might date back to the 80’s, when a bunch of towns considered themselves “nuclear-free zones” and outlawed nuclear weapons or power plants within their borders.) Brookline, Massachusetts has been one of them. (All you need to know about the ritzy suburb of Boston is that Michael Dukakis calls it home. ‘Nuff said.)

I’ve always thought this was stupid. No, stupidity epitomized. Public officials are elected to deal with specific areas of responsibility. Local officials should be dealing with local issues, and time and money spent on impeaching Bush is time and money not spent on schools, roads, sewers, public services, and other local concerns.

Well, last night, Brookline voted to impeach President Bush. Well, technically, they voted to call upon their Congressional delegation to support efforts to impeach him (proving that they are not completely divorced from reality, but merely on a trial separation).

According to the Globe, about a score of residents walked out in disgust, and I don’t blame them. I spend a lot of time here kicking around national politics, but I don’t make a point of ranting about it at every opportunity. At the day job, I almost never bring up national politics, simply because it isn’t relevant.

Town meetings are for town issues. If folks want to get together and lean on their elected federal representatives, more power to them. But to do so at the expense of actually paying attention to local concerns at a town meeting is narcissistic stupidity.

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