Shemales in the news

Massachusetts, as I’ve often observed, is a rather mixed-up state. Thus, it should have come as no great surprise to me to find two stories involving… um… “transgendered” individuals in the news today.

First up, one person has filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination against the State Police. Apparently, this individual was pulled over for speeding (doing about 100 on the freeway) and given a ticket. During the citation process, the trooper in question referred to the speeder as “buddy” and “guy” repeatedly, despite several requests to use other terms the offender found more appropriate. Afterwards, the aggrieved citizen was so incensed that the bird was flipped and passing cars were flagged down by the driver, who was promptly arrested for disturbing the peace. (I hope I can end this story soon. I’m running out of non-gender-specific terms.) The complaint calls for the officer to attend “mandatory training in transgender issues.”

Next, we have the tale of Robert Kosilek. Back in 1990, he killed his wife. He is currently serving life without parole. But he’s found a way to kill the time, and score some payback at the state: he’s been trying to get the state to pay for a sex-change operation. Thus far he’s gotten them to pony up for hormone treatments and laser hair removal, and now it’s time for the full twig-and-berries-ectomy.

The state’s Republican Lieutenant Governor, Kerry Murphy Healey (who’s running for the top job), is taking this one personally. She’s leading the state’s fight to keep Mr. Kosilek and his dangly bits locked up together, or at least to keep the state from having to subsidize the separation.

Mr. Kosilek’s psychiatrist insists that the operation is a matter of life or death, as he will likely kill himself if he is forced to continue to confront his masculinity every time he has to stand to pee. He has a Constitutional right to change from a pointer to a setter, his attorney insists, and as a guest of the state, the state has to foot the bill.

Personally, I think the solution is obvious. He’ll kill himself if the people of Massachusetts won’t lop off his nether regions?

Works for me.

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