Moronic convergence

(Alternate title: Politics makes for strange bedfellows)

Howard Dean. Pat Robertson. Together. On television.

Excuse me, I think my mind just exploded.

Howard Dean, Chairman and lead vocalist of the Democratic National Committee, former governor of Vermont and erstwhile candidate for President of the United States. Pat Robertson, head of the 700 Club, minister, right-wing whacko, and erstwhile candidate for President of the United States. On television. Together.

Dean, taking time away from pushing for free abortions on demand for anyone (regardless of age, race, circumstance, financial status, or even sex), the removal of all outward displays of Christianity, legalizing drugs, public sanction of gay marriage, and a whole laundry list of liberal causes, appeared on Pat Robertson’s TV show. That’s the same Pat Robertson who called for religious testing of any and all government officials, the death penalty for abortionists and women who seek them, imprisoning gays, nuking our enemies, and assassinating foreign heads of state.

Dean was on the show to appeal to Robertson’s supporters, to convince them that the Democrats were worthy of the Christian Right’s support, that they could trust the Godless Secularists and Satan’s Helpful Idiots with the reins of power.

Dean’s lucky he didn’t get burned at the stake.

As an agnostic, I have to fault God for a huge missed opportunity. Had lightning struck the studio with Dean and Robertson, I would have had no choice but to acknowledge His existence. But He blew it, and both men are still around to plague us today.

Hell, it’s got me doubting my faith in quantum physics. According to them, when such polar opposites meet, they are supposed to mutually annihilate each other, yet both escaped unscathed.

Howard Dean and Pat Robertson. Together. On television.

My brain just exploded again.

Anyone got a spatula?

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