La Raza's Public Charter School


Take a look at La Academia Semillas del Pueblo, a public charter school in LA.

Check out the school’s purpose:

Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School is a kindergarten through eighth grade public school dedicated to providing urban children of immigrant native families an excellent education founded upon their own language, cultural values and global realities.

Global realities? And what might those be?

And take at look at this school’s supporters:

National Council of La Raza Charter School Development

Raza Development Fund, Inc.
Glendale Nissan/Infinity, Inc.
California State University, Los Angeles
Pasadena City College – MEChA
The Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture

The Nissan/Infinity dealership is an odd one.

Michelle Malkin has done a thorough job of covering exactly who MEChA and La Raza are here and here.

The principal of the school, Marcos Aguilar, was interviewed by Maribel Santiago of Teaching to Change LA on his views of Brown vs. Board of Education, Topeka. Link via KABC.

TCLA: Finally, what do you see as the legacy of the Brown decision?

MA: If Brown was just about letting Black people into a White school, well we don’t care about that anymore. We don’t necessarily want to go to White schools. What we want to do is teach ourselves, teach our children the way we have of teaching. We don’t want to drink from a White water fountain, we have our own wells and our natural reservoirs and our way of collecting rain in our aqueducts. We don’t need a White water fountain. So the whole issue of segregation and the whole issue of the Civil Rights Movement is all within the box of White culture and White supremacy. We should not still be fighting for what they have. We are not interested in what they have because we have so much more and because the world is so much larger. And ultimately the White way, the American way, the neo liberal, capitalist way of life will eventually lead to our own destruction. And so it isn’t about an argument of joining neo liberalism, it’s about us being able, as human beings, to surpass the barrier.

This school is not interested in teaching its students how to assimilate into American culture. Instead, it’s teaching these kids how to hate America and everything it stands for.

Hot Air is also blogging.

Update: Stunt Shack has personal knowledge of MeCHA.

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