Photo by Nyugen Phan, Arlington National Cemetery

[This was originally posted on Friday, but is being bumped up for Memorial Day weekend. Happy Memorial Day.]

This weekend, in the middle of your cookouts and family trips and other holiday events, don’t forget to stop and remember those we honor on Memorial Day. More importantly, take the time to teach your children that the day is about more than barbeque and the beach.

Over the weekend I will be adding to the following list of Memorial Day related links.  Please post links to any other Memorial Day sites, posts or events in the comments section.  I will update the main post periodically through the weekend. [Update: I am working on a project this weekend and have relatives coming from out of town, so please be sure to check out all the links in the comments section, since I will not be able to move all of them to the front page.

In Remembrance honors those fallen in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Remember those at Arlington at this site, and through these lyrics (if you have not heard the song Arlington before, be sure to click on this one).

CNN is collecting Coming Home stories.

Move America Forward is promoting a Memorial Day Weekend radiothon.

Stop the ACLU is trying to help save the Mt. Soledad Cross War Memorial. More here with video.

LaShawn Barber has a lovely Memorial Day tribute posted.

Michelle Malkin posted a picture that many, including me, ran at Christmas. I had forgotten about it until I saw it at her site, although it is so beautiful that I am surprised it did not come to mind immediately when putting together this post. Michelle also has additional Memorial Day links.

Patriot Files’ Hall of Heroes features medal winners from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Matt at Blackfive posted this moving Memorial Day post including a link to the story of his friend, American hero, Mat Schram Be sure to read it all.

Laura Lee Donoho is Remembering CC.

Check out the Why We Fight series at California Conservative.


At the Funeral of a Young Marine from The Bosque Boys.

Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

Granddaddy Long Legs posts an essay on The Star Spangled Banner.

Clark Stooksbury has some history on “Decoration Day.”

Fine Dry Wit Posted the words to More Than A Name On A Wall.

The Squiggler has a tribute and more Memorial Day links.

Memorial Day Update: The President at Arlington.

For Love Of Country.

Be sure to check out the lovely tributes from Jay Tea and Kim Priestap below.

There is a great link roundup at A Certain Slant of Light.

The President marked this Memorial Day by signing legislation aimed at protecting military funerals from protesters.

I have updated this post with some of the links posted in the comments section and that I have received via email, but I was not able to post them all. Please check out the comments section for many more moving messages, poems and links.

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