And They Say W Has a communication problem

Many will argue that the President has the worst communication skills of any politician in Washington, but some of Nancy Pelosi’s statements Tom Elia has posted at The New Editor make me wonder if she might not deserve the top honor instead.

We have to have a strategy and we have to have priorities. What we do has to have consensus but it has to be bold. I’m not here for any milquetoast politics. [inaudible] Go home and criticize us, but don’t slow us down. Don’t slow us down. This is no convoy, this is a bandwagon. It has to have consensus and it has to have clarity. In order to have to have that clarity, we can’t have every issue in the book. We can bring it around the frames of fairness, of responsibility, of community, of real security…[inaudible].

That was not even the best quote Elia posted. The story about the microphone still has me scratching my head. Be sure to follow the link for that one.

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