A true "Massachusetts Miracle"

If things like this keep up, I might have to permanently retire the “Mass. Insanity” category.

The Massachusetts legislature, fresh on the heels of the House killing the mandatory seat belt laws, has taken another step towards listening to just what its people want — and I am dumbfounded.

This time, it’s the Senate taking the lead. They have just passed a bill with three — count ’em, three — measures to crack down on illegal aliens in the Bay State. The provisions:

  • Housing officials would be empowered to check the immigration status of those seeking public housing, and they would be banned from state support.
  • Courts would be required to confirm a defendant’s immigration status as part of their arraignment.
  • The state would set up a hotline where people could anonymously report companies that are employing illegal aliens.

All of these things are simple, common-sense ideas towards dealing with the illegal alien problem. We should not be giving them free housing. Courts should not ignore evidence of defendants’ other crimes. And people who see laws being broken should be able to report that with some confidence that something will actually be done.

But this is Massachusetts we’re talking about here. These steps are revolutionary. No, beyond that, they are earth-shattering.

Some ascribe the sudden onset of reason to public pressure, fired up by radio talk show hosts. I, quite frankly, don’t care if it’s more a matter of “feeling the heat” rather than “seeing the light,” because, in the end, it’s the results that matter.

I just hope that the heat continues long enough to get these measures passed, and their enforcement to actually materialize. Experience with Massachusetts politics is enough to make me cynical, but one can always hope.

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