Laying the groundwork for a pyrrhic victory

OK, it’s time for me to put my “not a lawyer” hat on and toss out my completely unqualified opinion on the William Jefferson Clinton affair.

It is my understanding that the Capitol Police, answerable to Congress, has primary jurisdiction for Congress and its various buildings and institutions. But that is the strict limit of their authority.

Otherwise, the FBI has jurisdiction. By federal statute (passed by Congress), the FBI has original jurisdiction on any crime committed on federal property.

Congress might have an argument regarding the FBI’s search (armed with a warrant) if they could argue that Jefferson’s alleged corruption all took place in his office, or within the Capitol complex. But it apparently did not — evidence has also been gathered from his home, and other places.

All Congress is doing, with all these protests and demands, is provoking the American people to ask just what the hell they are trying to hide. And while that might be a good strategy in court, where one has the presumption of innocence enforced by law, it won’t do them a damned bit of good in the court of public opinion.

And come November, the learned solons will not be facing a single judge, or twelve jurors governed by the rules of jurisprudence, but by angry and disgusted voters who are not bound by any regulations or precedents.

Owning yourself
"fiat iustitia ruat caelum"


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