Al Gore's PR Flack Hoists Gore's Petard

In a moment about as believable as when Al Gore claimed he invented the internet, one of Gore’s PR flacks claimed that Gore’s new gloom and doom movie -and Gore’s self promotion tour- would be “Carbon Neutral.”

For you knuckle dragging Neanderthals who are not familiar with the term, carbon neutrality (in broad strokes) means that for all the carbon someone produces they do a good work to consume the same amount of carbon, like planting a tree.

That might be a very large task for Gore and company from what we’ve heard:


A representative affiliated with “An Inconvenient Truth”, a film about global warming involving former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, has stressed that the movie and Gore’s tour to promote it are “carbon neutral”.

Last week, Gore and his team were seen driving the 500 metres or so from a hotel to the Cannes festival headquarters in several cars.

We are to believe -if we are a gullible environmentalist- that the entire production of the movie AND Gore jetting around the globe burning fossil fuels by the ton will be offset by the good works of the studio.

Notice, there are no details offered as to how this will be achieved.

Certainly hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of tons of C02 were created during the production and distribution of the movie and Gore flying around the globe in his chartered jet. How is the production company going to plant enough trees to offset all that carbon?

Therein lies the trap.

If offsetting the C02 they produced is too monumental a task, they have to admit they were lying and that they are dirty polluters who produce more than their fair share of pollution while lecturing others about their habits. But if they can offset the damage they’ve done to the environment and it is feasible, Gore and company just proved all their own gloom and doom wrong.

The environmentalist are demanding -from the concourse next to their chartered jets- that we all take a dramatic reduction in our lifestyles; that our lifestyles are not sustainable on this rock we call earth.

But if the jet set lifestyle of Al Gore -is- sustainable doesn’t that mean the habits of the rest of us -who pollute far less than Gore- would be far easier to sustain? If we can easily negate the effects of Gore’s entourage taking the limos 500 meters, why is it so hard to undo the damage done by my SUV?

By making the claim of carbon neutrality, they have trapped themselves in what we outside the beltway call a lie. Either that they are not carbon neutral or that their whole premise that we all must reduce our standard of living is a farce. Either option exposes the hypocrisy that is the environmental movement.

Update: It doesn’t often happen but a commenter convinced me I was dead wrong on this one. So explained Cousin Dave…

Paul, Paul, Paul! You are missing the whole point! Gore is offseting his “carbon footprint” by raising awareness! It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter if Gore drives an RV down the driveway to get his paper in the morning — he’s doing it for our own good; therefore, his carbon footprint is neutral by definition. In fact, he would probably tell you that he is doing such a magnificant job of “raising awareness” that he actually is reducing carbon emissions!

What can I say? Dave’s got me dead to rights on that one.

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