A few random thoughts on the Jefferson case

1) Why is it so hard for me to type “William Jefferson” without putting a “Clinton” at the end?

2) It is my understanding that the FBI has exclusive jurisdiction on all crimes committed on federal property. Since Jefferson apparently used his office for committing crimes, then they have the right to search it.

3) The FBI obtained a warrant before conducting the search. That means that an arm of the Executive Branch first sought approval from the Judiciary Branch. While not explicitly, could this not be considered implicitly a form of “checks and balances?”

4) If it is the position of Congress that it is exempt from such actions by the Executive Branch, I sincerely hope that the next time Congress wants to do ANYTHING to the Executive Branch, such as compel someone to testify, subpoena documents, or ANYTHING, I hope like hell the Bush administration tell’s ’em to GFY. In fact, Cheney should deliver the message personally — he’s STILL getting mileage out of the time he told it to Pat Leahy. This kind of independence and immunity must work both ways.

5) Speaking of Vice President Cheney, this might be a good time to free up a large portion of his schedule and just have him camp out on Capitol Hill. The sole Constitutional duty of the Vice-President is to preside over the Senate, and his constant presence should remind Congress that the checks and balances system is there for a REASON.

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