"When your opponent is drowning, throw the son of a bitch an anvil."

Yesterday, much of the blogosphere was abuzz with the story of Jesse MacBeth, the former US Army Ranger who admitted to committing numerous atrocities and war crimes in Iraq. The anti-war side proclaimed his “brave decision” to come forward, while our side had serious doubts.

Well, once again, it looks like our side was right — again.

The US Army says that it has no records that indicate that Jesse MacBeth ever served in the United States Army at all, let alone in the Special Forces or ever set foot in Iraq.

A lot of people are condemning MacBeth, and I can see why. But I’d like to take a different tack.

I’d like to invite Jesse to join us, the 101st Fighting Keyboardists.

Most of us, like Jesse, have strong feelings about the war despite never having served in the Armed Forces.. (We have some veterans in our ranks, but like in the general populace, they are a distinct minority. Unlike the general populace, though, we give them great honor and respect.)

Joining is easy — a lot easier than joining the Services, as we are a hell of a lot less demanding and discriminating as they are. It’s pretty much a self-selecting process — just say you are, and you’re in.

All Jesse has to do is simply declare that he has never served, yet still wants to make his voice known about the war in Iraq. I can’t speak for any other members, but I personally would welcome him.

If for no other reason than it’ll give him a lot higher profile — and that makes him a much easier target for the scorn, abuse, and contempt he has so richly earned.

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