The Lie of the Iraq Lies

David Limbaugh presents a textbook case of media bias and manipulation in his new Townhall column. He uses the example of Tim Russert’s recent Meet The Press interview of Condoleeza Rice, going through point by point to show how Russert used his questioning of Rice, not so much to elicit answers, as to deliver Democrat talking points.

In addition, Russert most conspicuously did not share the fact that scores of Democratic leaders, beginning with Bill Clinton, spoke very clearly and often about the unambiguous existence of Saddam’s WMD and that they supported a policy to seek a change of his regime.

Russert did not mention that these Democrats, having access to the very same intelligence as President Bush, voted to authorize him to militarily attack Iraq. Russert also failed to note that this congressional war resolution contained multiple reasons for going to war against Iraq — not just WMD — and that despite John Kerry’s later lies to the contrary, was not conditional on President Bush further exhausting diplomatic avenues or even more weapons inspections. I watched some of the footage of the Condi Rice protesters at Boston College on television last night. The most often repeated chants were that Rice had lied about WMD. With so many Democrats on record “lying” the same “lies” that Condi Rice cited in the runup to the war in Iraq, it would seem an easy thing to quickly dispel the lie that the Bush administration “lied us into war.” Tim Russert’s questioning of Condi Rice helps to explain how it is that lie is still being repeated as conventional wisdom.

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