The Fox visits the henhouse

Mexico’s president, Vicente Fox, is visiting the United States. I have a few thoughts:

1) When he goes home, can we give him a little gift to remember us by? Say, a few million of his citizens here illegally?

B) Is he planning on going home, or overstaying his visa and staying illegally?

III) Could this be a tour to recruit lawyers for his planned lawsuits about the United States having the sheer gumption to consider enforcing our own borders?

d) If putting a wall on our side of the border is a gross violation of Mexico’s sovereignty, how is Mexico’s president coming to the United States and lobby our lawmakers not a violation of ours?

v) Is there any chance that when (or, rather, if) Fox leaves, we can make him fly over Mexico and then try to re-enter his homeland, undocumented, from the south and see just how his people handle the illegal immigration problem?

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