The Washington Prowler at The American Spectator blog says that “sometimes a plane is just a plane.”

ABC News’ “The Note” wonders what Karl Rove was doing in the airport in Chicago last week. The question no doubt sent three-quarters of the Daily Kos-sacks into a tizzy. After all, Joe Wilson scandal prosecutor Pat Fitzgerald is based there.

It is true that sometimes you’re at the airport for a secret meeting to determine who the Supreme Court nominee will be later this summer to replace Justice Ginsburg.

Sometimes you’re at the airport to plot how best to rig ballot machines to give your party landslide victories in an election year when your party is supposed to lose both the House and the Senate.

But sometimes you’re at the airport just because your connecting flight happens to be there … at an airport. Where planes take off and land. We know it’s a difficult concept.

Don’t bother trying to interpret airport clues. If and when there are any developments on the Rove-Plame front, you can find them here, with pictures to boot.

On a related note, Ian Schwartz has video of David Shuster on Hardball counting down the days since Rove last testified before the Grand Jury. For the record, it is 26 days. I wonder how long before MSNBC puts one of those nifty little counter graphics up to remind us.

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