An amazing return on an investment

I’ve often derided Lawrence, Massachusetts as a pit of a city — and it is. But that doesn’t mean that it’s utterly irredeemable, that absolutely everything about the city and every one who lives there is horrid. It is a desperately poor community, beset with corruption, drugs, gangs, and scads of the other tribulations of modern city.

But there are times and stories about Lawrence that remind me that as bad as it gets sometimes, it would not be a good thing to completely write the city off.

As I said, Lawrence is a very poor community. But last fall, some of her humbler citizens did what they could for others in their time of need.

When Hurricane Katrina hit, the Lawrence Church of Christ raised money for relief. They scraped up $500.00 and sent it off to Churches Of Christ Disaster Relief Inc. of Nashville, Tennessee.

Lawrence was pretty badly hit by the recent New England floods. And word of the city’s plight has spread around the nation — including Nashville, Tennessee. And Churches of Christ Disaster Relief put together a tractor trailer of vitally-needed supplies and sent it north. Officials say the goods, roughly valued at over $81,000, will be given away to anyone who asks at the Church.

For that $500 investment last fall, the Church parlayed it into a 16,100% return (if I did the math right). That makes Hillary Clinton, with her maiden venture into the cattle futures market, when the parlayed $1,000 into $100,000, look like a rank piker.

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