New England's flooding: now it's personal

The waters are subsiding from the Great New England Deluge of 2006, and the cleanup has begun. I got off pretty lightly; just a couple instances of minor inconvenience. But a couple people died, a lot of homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed, and a lot of roads are pretty badly messed up. Again, it was no New Orleans, but it was pretty bad in some places.

As I said, I got off pretty lucky. But while my actual damages were non-existent, the psychological trauma will linger for years to come. It was like the flooding was aimed at causing me the maximum emotional trauma it could without actually giving me any substance to complain about. Let me cite three examples:

1) The flooding closed a bunch of streets and roads in southern New Hampshire, especially around where I work. It got so bad that the only way I could get to the job was to drive THROUGH Massachusetts. I had to take my own personal vehicle, the mighty Shaggin’ Wagon, into the land of Kennedy and Kerry, the realm of Dukakis and Whitey Bulger, if I wanted to keep earning my paycheck.

2) On one day, the flooding was so bad that even that last path was closed off, and we had to shut down. That was Tuesday, when I was already scheduled off — so the storm didn’t even grant me a day off.

3) Worst of all, one of the businesses that got flooded was my favorite computer shop in the world. As late as Friday night, the parking lot was still half-submerged. I don’t know how bad their damages were, but I feel comfortable predicting they will be substantial.

All in all, we got relatively lucky. Most places got over a foot of rain in a few days, then it trickled off into occasional showers — just enough to slow the recovery. But it was still a mess.

And it really, really hurt me.

Ray Nagin Projected Winner of New Orleans Mayor's race.
This crow is delicious! May I have another serving?


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